Young Stars Competition: This Summer Vacation, you can become a Published Author!

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Blank Slate Chronicles is happy to announce the Young Stars Competition, 2017, for 10-16 year olds. If you have an aspiring editor, a budding journalist, or a promising wordsmith at home, register their entries this summer. They can walk away with some cash prizes, and a publication of their work on the Blank Slate Chronicles website!

So, here are the Key Details:

There are two categories in which entries would be accepted:
Category A: 10-13 years
Category B: 14-16 years

**Age as on 30th June 2017 to be followed. Please note that we might be requiring age-validation proof of the author after short-listing

Topics for Category A 

  • India 2030: How would our country be?
  • A Vacation to Remember
  • Kick this subject out of my syllabus, today!
  • Hello Parents, we wanted to tell you…
  • Uniforms: Love it? Or, Burn it?

Topics for Category B

  • One start-up idea for a Growing India
  • Gender discrimination in India: An Analytical Treatise
  • Does Sports deserve a brighter spot in our Education System?
  • Ideas that could Save the Planet
  • Sex Education: What we are taught, What we really should know?

Rule 1: Contest Deadline – 19th June, 2017
Rule 2: Word limit: 500-700 words

Read the details of all other, very important rules, here: Young Stars Essay Competition 2017

** Rule 2 is negotiable, Rule 1 is ‘hard as a rock’!!! So send your entries on time.

What Happens if I Win?

Cash Prizes, cool cash prizes! Your name would be listed as ‘the author’ on a published BSC article, for thousands of people to read. How cool is that? Also, if we really like your writing, I mean, really, really like it, we may invite you to be part of the core author’s group in the mag. So, you get a real job, that you can boast of in all your future interviews, for the rest of your life! 

Where do I Sign Up, then?

Interested participants are requested to submit their articles to The subject line MUST BE “BSC YOUNG STAR <Your Name>”. Only one article per participant is allowed. We will consider your latest entry as final. 
Winners will be contacted via email after 26th June, 2017. Tap away, Young Stars. We can’t wait to read you…



4 thoughts on “Young Stars Competition: This Summer Vacation, you can become a Published Author!

  • June 17, 2017 at 2:31 pm

    how to send submission via what?

  • June 17, 2017 at 9:09 pm

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    email us your essay:

  • June 27, 2017 at 12:52 pm

    Hi, please see email sent to you. Follow us on facebook and/or twitter. The top 5 in each category have been published there!

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