If you are missing GoT, this is what can heal your Soul!

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Now that Game of Thrones is on a season break, Sherlock’s next is faaaaar away, and you are having serious withdrawal symptoms, here’s a list to help you calm down. Quite a few of them are going through season breaks too, but you’ll surely find a few that you haven’t watched yet.


The Westworld TV series was first launched in 2016. It is loosely based on the 1973 film, by the same name. This sci-fi American thriller, which started in late 2016, was originally written by Micheal Crichton, and is planned to last five seasons. Jonathan Nolan, Chris Nolan’s brother, and his creative partner in almost all his works, took to TV Series direction with Westworld. Nolan took inspiration from video games like BioShock InfiniteRed Dead Redemption and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to deal with the narrative’s moral component. The series explores the idea of bicameralism (two-chamberedness), that suggests that we have two separate minds. One that dictates, and another that executes. 

The show boasts of a premium cast, including Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, among others. HBO got highest viewership ratings for a premiere for this series, and it became the most-watched first season of any HBO original.

Running time: 1-1.5 hrs


This legal drama series, written and created by Aaron Korsh, is immensely popular, and running it’s 7th season now. Suits filled the Practice shaped hole in the hearts of the classic, Legal Drama lovers. Once you start, its very hard not to be charmed to death by the suave, arrogant, and yet, lovable characters. From the dishy Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht) to the sassy Donna Paulsen (played by Sarah Rafferty), every character is an attractive anchor. Other than that, the thrilling courtroom scenes, and the romantic backstory of Mike Ross (played by Patrick J Adams), and Rachel Zane (played by Meghan Markle), are also equally appealing.

It is said that the series would close with the current season, only to spin-off into Jessica Pearson (Law firm Partner, played by Ginna Torres) series soon. 

Running time: 42 mins


A crime drama with extremely good reviews, Narcos is a  web series available on Netflix exclusively. Right now season 3 is being aired, and another season is slated for release. The series revolves around Colombia’s real-life, drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, and his underworld. The series has been lauded widely for exceptional acting, and a fast-paced plot. Other than the country that the story is based out of, the series has been a running hit.

In Colombia, the series received flak for its imperfect language, and cultural depictions. Colombian TV Critic, Omar Rincón, famously remarked that Narcos was like “Trump’s idea of” what Colombia is like. 

Despite the criticism, though, Narcos is an interesting TV drama, and makes for fascinating binge-watch.

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Running time: 45 mins – 1 hr

Rick and Morty

This one stands out in the list, because it is an Adult, sci-fi, animated sitcom – need we say more? It was created by  Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for Cartoon Network‘s late-night programming block Adult Swim. The idea generated as a parody of the Back to the Future series. The adventures of an eccentric, alcoholic grandfather, and his grandson, through a fictional multi-verse, charms us through its sheer shock value. The interplay of this, with the sobering ‘family drama’ is presented exceptionally well. The series has taken ‘sick and twisted’ humor, made famous by earlier creations, like Family Guy, to a whole new level. 

It is an interesting option if you are not much into crime thrillers. The short running time, less than half an hour, makes it an easy choice for binge watch. Grab this one before it ends on October 2017.

Running time: 22 mins 

The Walking Dead 

This post apocalyptic, horror show developed by Frank Darabont, is based on a comic book series by the same name. It is a quintessential zombie vs. human series, with a credible thread of politics weaved in.

With around 100 episodes already aired, you can easily watch this for a while before you get tired and move on to the next series.

Running time: 42–67 mins 

13 Reasons Why

Trigger warning on this one: it does glorify suicide. So, watch if you can go beyond that. It is based on Jay Asher’s 2007 novel, and explores the reasons why a high school teenager commits suicide. The series, which was originally slated to be a movie featuring Selena Gomez, was such an intense creation, that therapists had to be present on the set, to help actors cope with it. The series has been lauded for exceptional performances, visuals, and handling of a dark subject matter. Katherine Langford as Hannah and Dylan Minnette as Clay, have given very credible, and sensitive performances, despite their tender age. The network has confirmed that the series would return for a second season.

Running time: 49-61 mins


Ozark is the hottest, and the latest in the TV scene. It is a crime-thriller, created by Bill Dubuque. It has a complex plot, and gripping performance from Jason Bateman, as Marty Byrde. Each episode of Ozark begins with a recurring vignette consisting of a white O that grows in size on a black background, followed by a white crosshair that emerges at the center. The crosshair divides the O into quadrants, each of which shows a picture that symbolizes a major event or theme in that episode, as well as spelling out the letters Z-A-R-K. The creativity spills on from there!

Ozark attempts at going where Breaking Bad excelled. It tries to explore the flimsy boundary that separates placid ‘domestic life’ from the turbulent ‘underworld’. It remains to be seen whether the it does justice to the inspiration, though. For now, it is a crunchy, new, crime series, ready for consumption.


But, none of these are period dramas, filled with political and sexual tension, you say. They are not filmed in breathtaking backgrounds, they don’t serve up cold blooded murder on a platter. Where are the kings, queens, murder, and romance of GoT? Well, Outlander doesn’t match up. But, it can ‘hold the door’, if you know what I mean! 

A time displaced woman, is split romantically between a World War veteran husband in real time, and a Highlander rebel, in another dimension. Are you sufficiently intrigued yet? Twist to the tale – in her parallel world, hubby’s ancestor is a sexually deviant tyrant, with the same freaking face. The fast paced narrative would keep you hooked. The breathtakingly good looking people will keep you excited. Outlander is the period, fantasy you are craving this month!


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