Social Media trends of 2016 and probable trends of 2017

Social Media Marketing is a thing now!

When we started 2016, there were many opinions on Social Media Marketing. Some said it was just a fad and will pass within months, if not weeks! Others wanted to wait and watch, and many decided to try it out. Word is out now and Social Media Marketing, or SMM, was one of the biggest trends in 2016. From customer behavior to user experience and reviews, social media networks proved their worth in 2016.

Social media is already ruling the world, with over a billion profiles flooding the market. One significant change in 2016 is that people preferred more quality content on their profiles, rather than regurgitated updates. For example, Instagram decided to post news feed based on perceived relevance, rather than the time of publication.

The Big Players!

The three big players on social media in 2016 were Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. But that is most definitely set to change this year.  2017 would be the year of Instagram and SnapChat (now known as Snap). Snap introduced various new features last year, like more live content, mobile-centric app development opportunities and vertical videos. Users are expecting many more significant changes to the Snap platform in 2017.

Let’s Go Live!

Live streaming exploded in 2016, with a sharp spike in the number of live videos on social media. Users are demanding more live-in-the-moment updates, especially with the rising popularity of Facebook Live. It is expected that 360 images and video are going to be trending in 2017.

Advertising is interesting!

Advertising in social media has been around for a while. Ads and products are working their way into newsfeeds more smoothly, with convenient buy buttons, which lead to an integrated cart. In 2017, some platforms are offering means of customer service, facilitating the interactivity of exchanges between brands and consumers. Facebook, for example, is dwelling into more professional communication services like Messenger for Business. I expect the competition to catch up soon. A secondary benefit for this will be that tougher competition to stay profitable will force social platforms to come up with more ingenious and creative advertising options for businesses.

Personalized social media

Bored of seeing the same news content? There has been an increased demand for personalization and customization of the newsfeed. Publishers and platforms are doing their best to cater to the request. Making users more involved in apps is the best way to generate profit for companies. Hence these apps offer peripheral functionality to keep users contented and involved in the app. Functions like in-app search engines, embedded content and in the case of Facebook, even a personal digital assistant, will continue to develop in 2017.

Inspire Me Please!

Imaginative and inspirational posts are the new trending news feed on social media in 2017, as compared to the reactive and emotionally charged ones from the year before. Mass adoption of Virtual Reality can also change the social media game in 2017. Like the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift, other brands will have to start shifting their focus to similar concepts.Twitter is not doing so hot these days because people are demanding meatier pieces of content, that roll out slowly. Long-form content will retain its popularity, as long as they keep the customer engaged. With the launch of Instagram Shopping in 2017, up to five products will be highlighted in the posts leading customers to product details and shopping pages.

Internet of things

The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are fast catching up to the forefront. Though AI is actively used in the background for personalized predictions in Facebook and shopping sites, 2017 will see them coming to the forefront. They are the shapers of the marketing world and are forerunners for tomorrow’s developments.

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