2018 at Blank Slate Chronicles and more

Happy New Year to our Wonderful readers and supporters!

Thank you for being there with us on our journey to tell stories that depict India, within and beyond. In 2018 we have shared stories on many things that we hold close to our heart and things that matter to us.


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In 2018 we covered many offbeat destinations, low key places that offered huge surprises. Our travel stories took us from Leavenworth in Washington to Bhangarh in Rajasthan. From exotic culinary adventures to Neelkurinji blooms in Munnar, we shared many unique stories. We got lost in the New York Subway, and solo-traveled to Dubai. What is your next travel project? While you are fueling your “wanderlust” , spare a thought to become a responsible traveler.
Note: One of our most popular posts (not from 2018) is how to travel despite hailing from a middle-class background.



We are struggling feminists, trying to identify feminism in everyday stuff – be it reading storybooks to our children or watching movies. Are the so-called “feminist” movies rightfully so? The world surely needs more equality and fairness, we are getting there. Slowly one story at a time.. Join us in our rough ride of Feminism; share your journey with us!


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In our Blank Slateverse, books are our best friends. We have shared our favorites, not so favorites and our reading lists. If you have been contemplating picking something up, check out our thoughts (if we have read it). If we have not, you can always reach out to us asking us to read or review it! As we begin 2019 (without the proverbial bang) , our reading challenges are getting updated. Personally, I plan to read a LOT more this year… a LOT.

Did you check out our first attempt at putting together a collection of essays representing India?

India tells her stories ebook

It is the end of another eventful year at Blank Slate Chronicles. On the personal front, each of us has taken up different projects that have been directly or indirectly propelled by our journey here. Our biggest reward is when we hear someone talking about our articles (good, bad, ugly – doesn’t matter really!). Recently I was at a friend’s wedding and after a series of introductions to the friend’s spouse, she said, “Oh she is the one who manages Blank Slate Chronicles”, and instantly there was a flicker of recognition, a wonder in the eye. “Ohhh You are the one, I follow your blog”. Even when we can inspire one reader with our stories, it is humbling. So Thank you. The year ahead is exciting. You will see us more up close and personal. We will try to know each other better, and share each other’s stories. Stories that make us who we are.
Stories that inspire us.
Stories that bare our soul and minds.

From ours to yours, wish you a very happy and a “storyful year ahead.
Team Blank Slate Chronicles.

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams. – Oprah Winfrey



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