Some of the best orators speak on the India Superpower 2020 Story in these TED talks

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After the Intermission

Learning from a Barefoot Movement, Bunker Roy, 2011

Whenever we discuss India as a Super Power, the obvious elephant in the room, India’s Super Poor (as referenced in Mr. Tharoor’s speech), makes its appearance. Dr. Rosling mentions India’s inequities as a possible hurdle to his predicted date of Indian supremacy. But, what if, we could discover a key to unlock the tremendous developmental potential trapped in India’s humongous masses living in poverty? Behold the Barefoot Movement – testimony to the fact that, with a little nudge from India’s educated elite, the sheer force of India’s young population, despite their poverty and limited resources, can do anything they set their minds to – anything! They can become engineers, artisans, dentists and doctors – crossing every impossible mile in the path to development – barefoot!

Quote of the Third Quarter: “Our Prime Minister (elected among Telonia school kids) is twelve years old; looks after twenty goats in the morning but she is Prime Minister in the evening

The Grand Finale

India’s Invisible Innovation, Nirmalya Kumar, 2012

We hear it all too often, “If Indians are so smart, where is India’s innovation?” In this speech, Nirmalya Kumar takes his time to break the news to the world – savoring every single word as it slurs off his proud tongue – India has quietly and invisibly taken over the world. His speech does not contain wishful thoughts, prophecies or platitudes. It is a thorough study of what India has already achieved and what can be logically extrapolated as India’s trajectory in the near future. And it looks promising, to say the least.

Quote of the Final Quarter: “Is IBM an American company or an Indian company?”

Watch please, if you haven’t already. Re-watch if you are looking for inspiration to boost you forward on your march towards Indian Supremacy!

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