Some of the best orators speak on the India Superpower 2020 Story in these TED talks

If you are a TED addict, feel free to stop here – for you have most likely watched these riveting speeches already. None of these are recent (the latest of these having been delivered in 2012) and all of these were popular (the least popular having garnered 2lakh+ views). But, just in case you are interested in India’s story and haven’t seen even one of these, set aside time to review the most succinct presentations of India’s superpowers. Each one of the speeches listed below is awe-inspiring on its own. But, when I dedicated an hour to watch them together, the raw energy of India’s appeal palpated in me for quite a few hours after. It made me proud and excited about the potential that the India Superpower 2020 story has, in the next couple of decades to come.

Here’s my recipe for tripping on India’s heady story:

The First Fifteen Minutes

Why nations should pursue soft power, Shashi Tharoor, 2009

I recommend you start with this, to set the tone. Mr. Tharoor is one of the most prolific speakers of our times and he wraps the persona of India in a neat, attractive bundle. He illustrates the magical appeal of India’s cultural brilliance, that transcends language barriers to titillate the imagination of the Senegalese and Afghanis, much like most other citizens of the world. He describes, with fluid confidence, how the stories that India stimulates about herself, make her softly powerful and influential, in a way that hard economics and politics cannot possibly capture.

Quote of the First Quarter: “Tulsi Zindabad!” (in reference to a soap opera character)

Closing the First Half

Asia’s Rise – How and When, Hans Rosling, 2009

Firstly, this guy’s a Swede – so, he has no reason to propagandize India. Secondly, they say data sings in his capable hands – so, you are in for a treat. Granted, this speech is not about India alone, but India does feature as a leading character in Rosling’s Asia story. He predicts an exact date, given India can keep inequities, climate change and war at bay, when India would overtake the Western Superpowers in per capita income. Spoiler alert – it is not as far out in the future as one would presume!

Quote of the Second Quarter: “Washington DC is so rich over there, but they are not quite as healthy as Kerala



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