Introducing Female Cricket: Where Women Play on the Front Foot

Indians are raised on cricket. It is said every Indian has at least once dreamt of walking down the pitch, like the Master Blaster himself. That is true for all Indians born and raised in the ’90s, except for the half of the population. Girls raised in our times were not expected, encouraged or nurtured for sports. I should know – I attended a girls’ school for twelve years where the idea of physical ed was limited to doing stretches for a couple of hours a week. Things have changed significantly since. My daughter’s school mandates a sport for every student – male or female. Today, the children sometimes dream of walking down the pitch, padded and ready to conquer, like Mithali Raj or Anjum Chopra. With the rising tide, there is a need for community support and social media awareness to get more and more girls to pick up their bats and racquets. Well, on that note, we are so glad to introduce Female Cricket!

Introducing Female Cricket 

Female Cricket  was initiated with an objective of building a platform which would discuss, spread, share and celebrate the journey of female cricketers around the world. The first and the only platform dedicated to women cricketers, Female Cricket aims to raise the profile of female cricketers by sharing their stories, acknowledging their hard-work, and inspiring more girls to take up cricket. They aim to inspire young female talents through their platform by helping them with the required information, resources, and skills.

female cricket

Founded by Vishal Yadav in February 2016, Female Cricket has achieved several milestones and, in the process, has inspired many young talents to nurture and pursue their cricketing dreams. They take pride in their ever-growing community of over 100,000 female cricket enthusiasts, who are connected through both online and offline media.

Mumbai based Female Cricket is a cricket-centric platform that strives to promote women cricket in and around the world. In this endeavor, Female Cricket has connected with communities from Germany, France, America, Australia, Argentina, and Canada and has shared their cricket story on their website. Known to be one of the leading platforms in the sports industry, Female Cricket with their standout content for their readers has been able to signify its presence in all social media platforms within a short span of time.

“We started with just one objective of building a platform which would raise the profile of our women cricketers. The problem was that this sector of cricket was always left behind, neither discussed nor celebrated. However, female cricketers were putting in equal efforts, had inspiring stories to share and deserved equal love and appreciation as their male counterparts. Within just 2 months of starting Female Cricket, we realized it’s true potential and that there was a strong need for such platform. Our community started responding to this initiative, which further boosted our belief in the idea. We have a small team of writers/contributors today who share the passion equally. We also distributed cricket equipment to under-privileged kids across Mumbai. To this point, we are a self-funded business, and we would love to associate/partner with entities who share a similar passion for female cricket as we do,” speaks an enthusiastic Vishal Yadav (Founder, Female Cricket).

The Female Cricket Academy

An initiative by Female Cricket, Female Cricket Academy is an exclusive coaching academy for girls in India.

Female Cricket Academy was initiated with an objective of building a platform for young girls to showcase their talents, nurture their cricket dreams and make progress in their professional cricket career.

With its first center in Mumbai, the academy was inaugurated on 2nd November 2017 and plans to expand in other cities very soon. The academy started with 10 young girls and now trains around 45+ girls between the age range 8 to 25 in 2 batches i.e morning and evening. Attached are some pictures for your reference.


Female Cricket initiated an online campaign to highlight the importance of having a Women’s IPL. Capitalizing on the power of digital media, the idea was to reach out to as many as female cricket fans possible and seek their views on Women’s IPL. The campaign ran across Female Cricket’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page and saw a humongous response. As expected, the campaign drew attention from boys and girls, young and old and the majority of them showed their consent to the idea. To give you some figures, their twitter page garnered 5000+ Impressions, Instagram page registered 3600+ likes and Facebook page clocked 11,000+ organic reach (60+ Shares) in just a day. The campaign was a hit and was appreciated by fans around the country.

It wasn’t over yet. Folks at Female Cricket decided to further their support and excitement towards this campaign. A banner was prepared and the idea was to take it to the Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium on 12th April 2017. The banner had this message written –

Dear IPL, congratulations on your 10th Anniversary. Can we now have our Women’s version of IPL? India demands #WomensIPL.”

Right in the middle of the Wankhede stadium, as the match between Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad progressed, a bunch of female cricket fans held this banner tight, with pride in their heart, carrying a message from thousand supporters, as they displayed their excitement for Women’s IPL.

Female Cricket has done their part and now it’s time for us to stand for Women’s IPL, show our support, promote women’s cricket and encourage more and more girls to play cricket.



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