India 2030: Remove Evils to become Super Power

India is a country of much fame. India has the growing potential, which can overrule all other countries. As said by Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, India 2030 will be a powerful story. But, to achieve that milestone, she must get rid of certain drawbacks or challenges.

Poverty holds us back…

India’s major drawback is poverty. Despite the development rate, India can’t become developed country without eradication of poverty. As per World Bank data of 2016, 22% or 270 million people live below poverty line (BPL) in the country. Global poverty line limit is $1.9 per day. Availability of quality education for poor people is still a dream, it remains a challenge for India. 

International Relations

Bilateral relation with neighboring countries is important to keep India free from terrorism, and enable growth. China & Pakistan’s interest are against the growth of India. This needs to be dealt with carefully.

Urban Pressures

Urbanization is another challenge for India & it must be controlled. India’s recent proposal on ‘smart city scheme’ is a welcome move. This scheme,if implemented effectively, will distribute the infrastructure evenly throughout the country, decreasing the pressure from the mega cities. This scheme can give bigger job opportunities to the Indian work force, that leads to better GDP growth.

Agri Business

Another challenge is maintaining a good agriculture pattern for India .This needs to be balanced with industry. Water scarcity is the problem for farming in India. Hence government should take effective steps to link major rivers in India. This will provide sufficient water for farming across India.

Swachh Bharat

Corruption is a challenge for India. Severe punishment should be given to corrupt politicians & officials. Crony capitalism should be eliminated completely. 

Infrastructure and Industry

Basic necessities like roads, electricity, medical care etc., should be developed  in rural areas, because they are the heart of a progressive nation. Multinational companies come to India to get the service from Indian workforce at cheaper cost & this is not the long term solution. Research & development activities should be increased from current level to resolve this issue. 

Thejuram Ravichandran

Thejuram Ravichandran is one of the Top 5 Young Stars in Category A of the Young Stars Summer Essay competition.



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