India 2030: A Billion Dreams Come True

A common aspiration shared by all Indians is to see India flourishing at a dizzying pace. India’s insatiable thirst to become ‘numero uno’ country economically and developmentally will be quenched, come India 2030. 

Let me enumerate the areas where India will march ahead

Clean Economy

Demonetization was thought to be an irrational move, but it has proved to be a massive leap towards a cashless economy. As the black money is being sucked away from the hands of the corrupt, their game is truly going to be over. The Reserve Bank of India and the Supreme Court will crack their whip on corrupt people.

India is a country of many fascinating tourist spots, which hints at the increase of revenue generation. As the Indian economy develops, India will soon become the country to invest in which lures the big companies and countries here. The Indian currency will improve dramatically and will be close to being equivalent to that of the US Dollar ﴾$﴿ and the Euro and will eventually become the universal currency…the title currently being held by the US Dollar.

The Light of Education

During the 6th century AD, there were brilliant universities such as Nalanda which were world famous. Later the education system deteriorated due to wars and invasions. New world‐class educational institutions will be created offering opportunities to students and attract many foreign students. This will also help in taking India to the top literate nations in the world offering an example to other developing nations.

Power of Tech

The use of technology will become rampant and the life of the common man will improve. One example is Smart Cities which is a vision of Urban India to integrate information and communication technology ﴾ICT﴿ and Internet of Things ﴾IoT﴿ technology to run the business and life in the city. This will bring about urbanization and job creation/employment which enable citizens of the country to work and earn a decent living. This will also help to uplift the people living below the poverty line. With the launch of a plethora of satellites by ISRO ﴾Indian Space Research Organization﴿, India’s space technology development is in good hands. By 2030, trips to other planets will become common.

Breaking Free of Terror Shackles

Terrorism has been a major evil of society of India. By 2030, such extremists will be wiped off the face of this Earth. India would have also found an amicable solution to the Kashmir unrest, as well as the issues with neighbors such as Pakistan, and China. India will host several important meetings such as the UN Security Council, BRICS ﴾Brazil, Russia, India, China, Singapore﴿ and NATO ﴾North Atlantic Treaty Organization﴿.

A Country of Equals

Men and women will be treated on par as well. Cleanliness currently is a major problem for many metropolitan cities due to lack of waste management. But by 2030 India will be the cleanest country in the world. There is a village in North‐East India which is already the cleanest village in the world. Make In India will also be a massive developmental icon for India as it will help in employment and also remove the ‘Made in China’ tag. Healthcare will also be improved dramatically as many contagious diseases’ cure will be originated in India due to breakthrough medical technology or ancient Ayurveda methods which shows the contrast between ancient and modern.

In conclusion, I would like to quote Rabindranath Tagore :

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

Where the knowledge is free

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let

My country awake”

Pranay K

Pranay K is a 13 year old resident of Bangalore. He is a student of National Public School , HSR layout. He is passionate about football – watches and plays the game. He dreams about starting a blog about football, soon! He is one of the Top 5 Young Stars (Category A) of our Young Stars Summer Essay Contest 2017



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