India 2030: Working towards a Vision

Like Dr. Abdul Kalam said, You have to dream before your dreams can come true.  This essay is about my dream of India 2030.  There will be new technologies, inventions, discoveries and developments in various fields in the next decade, which ease people’s lives. This essay is a portrayal of my wishes about our country, which are possible with available technologies.

Agriculture 2030

  • An ideal cropping system should be in use, that taps natural resources efficiently, providing stable and high returns, and avoiding environmental damage. As food is a basic need, farmers will be educated on the best practices to adopt and given more technical advice. 
  • Farmers will be aware of the usage of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, and aware that nutrition should be given to the soil, and not to crops.
  • Government will build appropriate policies (like crop insurance) and regulatory frameworks, to ensure no undesirable social consequences occur.

Water Management 2030

Water is a global problem, with local solutions.  Uncertainties of climate change and rainfall call for water resource management

  • Rivers inter-link project will be completed by 2030, through a network of reservoirs and canals. So, people won’t suffer from floods and droughts.
  • Regular dredging of ponds, canals and wells will be done to retain high underwater table.
  • Rain water will be harvested in every house.
  • Farmers will not be struggling for water and good drinking water will be available on roadside taps.
  • No more untreated, industrial wastes would be drained into water bodies.

Education 2030

  • Themed classrooms will be available in schools, where students will have the chance to experience what they study. This will make it easy to remember and recall information.
  • More science centers will be available and maintained to encourage research
  • Survival skills will be a subject in the curriculum, that would include swimming, cooking etc.
  • Extracurricular actives will be part of the school itself, children can attend only if they are interested.
  • Assessments will be done in a manner that causes minimal stress to learners

Transportation 2030

  • There will be a separate lanes for different vehicles, and lane discipline would be pursued.
  • Public transport will be more convenient. So, no more traffic congestion and parking troubles. Fuel consumption will be reduced.

Inclusive India 2030

  • In 2030, our country will have all the facilities for differently-abled people, enabling them to be independent, with the use of advanced technologies. 
  • There would be Government care for those incapable of self-sustenance. Life-skill training will be given to them to live their life independently.
  • Senior citizen’s will form small communities, so they no longer feel lonely.
  • They can create small industries, that is useful for the society, and will keep them happy and busy.
  • They will be part of the school staff, sharing their experiences with students, in a fun-filled environment. The schools will aid them in learning new technologies, to include them in the progress.

Healthcare 2030

  • Hospitals will be reliable, cutting-edge, and affordable with government subsidies
  • There would be cure or control for many diseases.
  • Monitoring devices for heart, diabetes, blood pressure etc., will be available for everyone.


I understand that my wishes will not come true magically. All of us are responsible in ensuring planning and execution of the vision, using available resources and technology.  Waiting to welcome a fascinating India 2030 !


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Anupama P.

Young Star, Anupama is in middle school. She loves studying maths and physics. In her spare time, she plays chess or draws her imaginations, on a paper. She is one of the Top 5 Young Stars of our Young Stars Summer Essay Contest 2017



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  • January 28, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    Great Vision, We can together realize her vision, I can think little more deeper in her Agriculture Vision 2030, Can I get further details about this contributor to acknowledge her in person?

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