Food trail in Bhubaneswar under ₹200

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Bhubaneswar is known as the city of temples. But it is also full of food loving people. The city has a host of colleges and a big IT crowd.  The city’s food hub is pocket-friendly and bustling with food joints to cater to the needs of these young generation as well as the office goers. Let’s take a quick look at the Bhubaneswar street food you can find that will not burn your pocket at all – in fact these will cost you less than ₹200!

Smoothies and sundaes 

You can find tasty and filling milkshakes everywhere in Bhuvaneshwar! The variety of milkshakes includes Oreo smoothie, mango smoothie, orange juice, guava smoothie etc. The range is from ₹30-40.
Proper juice bars and smoothie bars are also available for those heath conscious eaters. The price here is little higher- ₹60-70. But in this scorching summer, these options are lifesavers!Image result for smoothie
If you are in the mood to indulge yourself in exquisite delights, go for the sundaes within a super affordable price. Single sundaes cost ₹50-60 and come in flavours like pineapple, chocolate, strawberry etc.
For double sundaes it’s only ₹70-80. With the little extra price the double sundaes are totally worth it! You can get a variety of delicious combinations. The most popular ones are American chocolate, strawberry and cherry.
Cafe hub near Patia is the ideal destination for this.

Cafe stories

Moving over the expensive coffee joints, Bhubaneswar serves variety of coffee and frappe that costs as much a coffee should cost! 
A plain coffee is just ₹20 
And lattes like iced latte, caramel latte at ₹70-80
For frappes the prices vary, but it’s still within affordable range. Depending on the flavours frappes cost ₹90-110. Irish frappe, mango and strawberry are worth trying.
We recommend: Cafe Expresso!
Image result for maggi noodles


In case you did not know, Maggi is the official student food! Bhubaneswar has stalls after stalls selling Maggi. Maggi here has been researched on and experted! Maggie delicacies vary from normal, cheese, double egg, chicken, and all these are below Rs 50!
I love the topping of extra mayonnaise with my preferred Maggi, without extra charge. And it’s very delicious. 
Try out Jugaad junction near Patia, Bhubaneswar.

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Though not the official innovators or makers of momo, Bhubaneswar momo sellers do their job right. With vegetable momo at ₹30 for 10 pieces per plate, and chicken momo ₹40 for 10 pieces per plate, they have kept the college and school students happy.  But Bhubaneswar people don’t have the soup along with their momo. Instead they give spicy chatni or mayonnaise. For fried momo, prices will range from ₹40-60.

Image result for momo

Dahi vada

One of the most famous dishes of North India, Bhubaneswar food business has adapted this pretty well too. With food joints selling dahi vada at ₹20-30 roadsides and ₹30-40 in sweet shops. They can be found all over Bhubaneswar and very dearly enjoyed by all.

Chena poda

The most celebrated dessert in Odisha, Bhubaneswar has sweet shops selling this gallore. Chena poda is a sweet dish and priced at ₹20-30 in sweet shops. They are delicious to eat and keeps you wanting more.  Definitely try this out when in Bhubaneswar.
Try out Atmaram sweets near Chandrashekharpur, Bhubaneswar.

There you go, a quick guide to cheap yet tasty food in Bhubaneswar. So the next time you are there, do check them out. 

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About Manaswita Saha

Manaswita is an engineering student, and loves to travel. She is an avid reader and has flair for writing. She is the youngest and spunkiest Blank Slater yet!



Manaswita Saha

Manaswita is an engineering student, and loves to travel. She is an avid reader and has flair for writing. She is the youngest and spunkiest Blank Slater yet!

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