This is what we learnt and achieved in our first year as Blank Slate

One year. One year can be relatively long, or pretty short, depending on the context. Ask a new mum, the first year of her child is perhaps the longest, with never ending sleepless nights. Ask a music student, she will say, “Oh I have just started learning music.” But there is no denying the first year is very significant. Of all the years that come and go, we remember the first year. Because that is when the journey started. Many times we don’t know what next, what to expect, what not to expect, we learn, we grow, we enjoy. And suddenly there is this milestone. There is a year to look back on, to reflect, and to feel great. This was our first year as Blank Slate!

When the three of us, friends from school, chatted over Whatsapp about a website, an e-zine, we did not know Blank Slate Chronicles will be born. We did not know that three of us, situated in three geographical locations (Kolkata, Bangalore, and Vancouver) would spend sleepless nights (courtesy time difference) or wake up early mornings to give shape to our thoughts. We did not know so many little details that form the apparently simple website. (Yeah SEO!) And above all, we did not know we had so much grit.

Yesterday, Blank Slate Chronicles turned one. For us, this is very, very special.

  • In the course of 1 year, our posts have been viewed almost 60,000 times! Our Facebook followers have crossed 3300, and our tweets have been retweeted by the likes of Virender Sehwag, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Ariana Grande (I know, right!), Jatin Sapru, Srijit Mukherjee, Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee, and Somlata among others.
  • We have posted almost 5 times every week, and have covered topics like Feminism, Travel, Movies, Science, Career, Technology, Lifestyle, and Culture.
  • We have collaborated with 25 guest authors/blogs.
  • Our tiny efforts helped raise about Rs 10,000 for the Batti Project, and some amount for Rini (a girl who bravely fought but succumbed a car accident).
  • We encouraged the youth to write on current issues, like gender discrimination, India, nationalism. We received over 100 applications from students of all ages.
  • We have covered fun events and conferences and created interesting food lists that have been shared and appreciated by many.

Most of all, we rediscovered us, our writings, and we enjoyed every day doing this! Recently we got incorporated as a Media Organization: Kolomkotha Media Private Ltd and we plan to grow. Exciting days are ahead of us. The world is our Blank Slate. And we are chronicling one story at a time. We want to write your story, we want to write India’s story, and we want to write the story of love and hope.


Thank you for being a part this extremely special journey. This is our journey, this is your journey. Let us walk together!

Lastly, please contact us if you want to collaborate with us (blog, story, article, and marketing content) and we will find a way to grow together.

Happy Birthday Blank Slate Chronicles!  May you live and grow many more years!



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