The Beautiful Darjeeling: A Vacation to remember

After a year of studying and cramming up details from those fat books, a vacation is what one craves for the most. During my last term break vacation in April, my family and I, along with two of my friends went to the beautiful Darjeeling. Scenic beauty and serene nature are my favorites and thus, I was very excited. It was a four day trip, and we were travelling by train.

A ‘Peace’ of the Hills

Darjeeling toy train

On the first day, we reached the hotel at two in the afternoon. After a light lunch, we set off sightseeing. We first saw the Peace Pagoda, which was an exquisite monument, and a place of worship for the monks. It was decorated with many statues and carvings of Lord Buddha. It was made to provide focus for people of all races or creeds, to help unite them in search of world peace. After the visit to Peace Pagoda, we went to see the Zoological Park. There we feasted our eyes on many unique animals, which were on the edge of extinction.

I felt pity for the caged animals. They deserved to be free, roaming about in their natural habitat instead of being locked up in a cage.

The sun was about to set and the sky wore an orange garb. So, we headed towards our hotel and spent the evening gossiping with my friends.

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright….

Kanchenjunga from Tiger Hill
Pic courtesy: Safi Asraf (creative commons license)

On the second day, we were so enthusiastic that we woke up before sun rise and got ready for the ‘Tiger Hill’. The view of sun rise from the hill was so magnificent that we were spellbound. We could even get a peek of the peaks of Kanchenjunga.

The blithe breeze, the breathtaking dawn, the ghostly trees and the silent peaks were a combination that elated my soul and spread a smile on all our faces.

We were so taken up by the enthralling experience, that we almost forego our breakfast. However, we had to have our breakfast because we were soon to embark on an adventurous journey – rock climbing. At first, I was very nervous but soon my enthusiasm got better of my nervousness and I could easily grasp the stones. When I reached the top of the Tenzing Rock HMI I felt very pleased with myself. The rest of the day was spent shopping, riding horses and eating junk food.

Tenzing Rock
Pic courtesy: Suvendra.nath (Creative Commons License)

Lost in the Woods..

The third day was the most memorable. We went sightseeing. The guide, who escorted us, was very knowledgeable.   He narrated interesting stories and experiences. The balmy day had a tinge of chill. The breeze was very refreshing. My parents were admiring the view from the top of the hill, when we requested them to let us go a little farther, so that we could become more familiar with the flora and fauna of the place. After a few moments of hesitation, and negotiations, we finally won the deal, but only with the promise that we would not venture far. We brushed past bushes and jostled through shrubs. We exchanged jokes all the way, and I wondered how life can be so endearing. After a little exploration, we decided to go back. However, right at that moment, a strange gurgling sound attracted us. We became completely oblivious to our promise, and began following the sound. Pushing past a couple of thick bushes, we finally found the source of the sound. A splendid waterfall gushed out furiously, and the rocks around it were covered with thick moss.

We were all staring at the sight with awe, when we heard a familiar sound, which jerked us back to reality. My mother was searching for us desperately. We ran up to her and showed her the wonderful sight. Even she became spell bound, and thus we escaped the reproaching.

The last day passed similarly and we took the toy train ride. Finally, the day which we all dreaded arrived. We had to go back home. That vacation is the jeweled crown of all my experiences.

Srijita Pal

The author of this beautiful narrative is one of our Top 5 (Category A) Young Stars, the 13-year-old, Srijita Pal. This Kolkata teenager takes a keen interest in writing poetry, and short stories. She is an avid reader. Srijita says, “I am inspired by my parents to pursue all literary activities”. This little fireball aims to be a scientist, while pursuing her love for literature.



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