About Us

Stories have magic. They are one of the oldest forms of human communication, a medium to build a shared worldview. Over the centuries, stories have outlived the travails of time, to establish the history of existence.

Our Mission

Blank Slate Chronicles aims to illustrate the story of modern India – through a heady concoction of experiences and opinions of the real Indian.

The Soul of our country is multi-layered – it is a mélange of varied cultures, languages, beliefs, religions. So, we are aware of the enormity of our project. And yet, we are committed to remaining exactly what our name suggests – unbiased and unprejudiced to the multitudes of, oft contradicting, Indian philosophies.

Meet the Founders

Anandita Dasgupta

1511779_10200562986996841_2048548924_oAnandita is our tech wizard when she is not whipping up mind-blowing content. She asks all the right questions and keeps the big picture in focus.

This practicing engineer is an adventurer and a closet romantic. She eats to survive and backpacks around the world for nourishment.

Anandita can stay deadpan calm through apocalypse – so she is the perfect yang to our otherwise, slightly, hyper yin team. She is totally out-of-this-world; her friends, who call her ET, believe quite literally so!

Anumita Ghosh

anumita-profileAnumita is a proficient writer and a ruthless editor. No article, no matter how perfect, has ever survived the onslaught of her proverbial red pen. She is addicted to reading and research and has been known to buy more books than she can afford.

This XLRI grad gave up her career in the Corporate to pursue her passions. Yes, she is slightly off her rocker but has found the world to be generally understanding. The unapologetic feminist is a sucker for storytelling and classic literature.

Anumita is famed as Selfie-Queen (read narcissist), although she denies the epithet vehemently.

Moumita Chakraborty

465025_10150777717713156_1578153473_oIf you get the Girl-Next-Door vibe from Moumita (aka Minnie, as in the Mouse) when you meet her, you would not be the first person to be fooled. This outwardly warm and delicate person is our very own, firebrand, Erin Brokovich – egging us on with her grit and perseverance. She is our in-house Digital Marketing and Partner Relations expert, in addition to being the author to some of our best content.

Moumita has a career in Instructional Design, with a deep appreciation for education and learning. She goes miles deep on any subject she picks up, and before the weeks turns, she is a living encyclopedia on the subject. Her love for sweets is a matter of legends, exceeded only by her love for her toddler.





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