8 Myths About Diabetes & Diabetic Food busted!

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In India, more than 50 million people suffer from diabetes. Food for diabetic people becomes an area of debate in most families. We all have at least one relative or a family friend who avoids all things sweet. This person always carries their sugar-free and insulin on the go. While medication is the most important aspect of the treatment, the second part is abstinence. But does it have to be at the level of living a sad life? NO. Here are 8 myths about Diabetes that everyone should know about: 

1. Eating Too Much Sugar Causes Diabetes

You do not get Diabetes because you eat too much sugar. Diabetes is an outcome of heredity and environment. It’s all about the level of glucose in a person’s blood which is maintained by insulin. Due to the predisposition, a person’s pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin or the insulin is not functioning properly, which alters the way that blood glucose level is regulated. So, not everyone who eats a lot of sugar will get diabetic.

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2. Monthly Monitoring Is Enough

This is the most dangerous myth in our country. People have a habit of visiting the doctor on a monthly basis. Most people eat in excess for an entire month and start controlling their diet the day before the test. This becomes the reason why people suffer from high sugar level in general because they do not monitor their glucose level on a daily basis. It’s very important to monitor your diabetes, to be able to lead a healthy and normal life. Whatever suits others, may not suit you and monitoring is the only way to know what works best for your body!

3. It’s Better To Have Type 2 Diabetes

This is the biggest misconception. Around 70 percent of Indian diabetics have type 2 Diabetes. There is nothing good about any type of Diabetes. It’s a life-threatening condition and you need to control it by making simple mindful changes in your lifestyle and follow proper medications prescribed to you.

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4. Only Eat Diabetic Food

There is no such thing as “diabetic food”. A person with diabetes can eat everything in small quantities. They just have to count the calories intake for a day. It’s best to get a nutrition chart in place, which would allow you to calculate and substitute one food with another of the same calorie. For instance, half a cup of rice eaten instead of one chapati will lead to the same amount of calories. Another fact all diabetics should know is that sugar-free is not really a healthy alternative to sugar and has a lot more side-effects. You can take sugar in small quantities, depending on how much calories you are allowed in a day.

5. Should Eat Less Food

While this is true in terms of how much food you can eat in one sitting. This myth can be very dangerous when it comes to eating throughout the day. A person with diabetes must eat small portions of meals throughout the day. The level of glucose in their bloodstream varies swiftly and there are chances that a person will get a low sugar level if they do not eat at regular intervals. All diabetics should keep something too much on, in case their sugar level starts dipping.

6. Not Okay With Exercise

People who make excuses that they can’t exercise because Diabetes does not allow them to are lying. Exercise is one of the only few ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A diabetic should walk at least half an hour every day. This will help them regulate the glucose level and ensure the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

7. Only Fat People Get Diabetes

When was the last time you saw a thin person and assumed that they might have diabetes? Never right? But it happens a lot with fat people. The assumption that only fat people get diabetes is a myth. Any person can get diabetes depending on their genetics and food habits.

8. Insulin Will Harm You

For the last time, INSULIN is the key player in diabetes. Choosing insulin over oral tablets, is a good choice. The only thing about insulin is that you need a syringe to insert it in your bloodstream and that has created a stigma against it. But using insulin to manage your diabetes is one of the best treatments of diabetes.


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